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promos and freebies [Apr. 13th, 2009|10:20 pm]
Dollar Store Whore


How to Get Totally Free Stuff. That's right- it's a big fat list of freebies. I'm talking totally free (no shipping and handling and no filling out survey after survey in hopes that you might finally get to the page where you actually get something. And it's not contests, either. Just free stuff, plain and simple)

Next, my Livejournal! This new LJ is to teach as I learn about making money online- real techniques that work. You don't have to buy my shit to get tips. You don't have to search to find good information in my journal. I spend hours and hours a day data-mining information to find the good stuff for myself, and then I post that good stuff for you to read.

I've got all sorts of How-to articles up on eHow: How to Back Up Your Livejournal, How to Make a Livejournal Icon in Photoshop, How to Get Postcards from People All Around the World, How to Do Fun Stuff Online (for free), and How to Create Rag Curls. (more)

Also- earn prizes just by searching:

Search & Win